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Campsites Istria

The Istrian Peninsula has an excellent diversity in terms of Campsites, along the west coast of the peninsula there are more then 70 campsites. Majority of the campsites on the Istrian peninsula are well equipped in terms of facilities. FKK campsites in Istria can mainly be found in Umag and Porec. A increasing number, of especially the larger campsites in Istria, offer Mobile homes for rent, on several of these places, also superior and Mega lots can be found.

Campsites in Umag area:

Camping Veli Joze Camping Stella Maris Camping Park Umag Camping Pineta Umag Camping Kanegra – FKK
Camping Finida Umag Camping Bencic Umag Camping Koncar Savudrija


Campsites in Novigrad area:

Camping Kastanija Novigrad Camping Mareda Novigrad Camping Sirena Novigrad


Campsites in Vrsar area:

Camping Puntica Funtana Camping Valkanela Vrsar Camping Tina Vrsar Camping Turist/Orsera Vrsar Camping Porto Sole Vrsar
Camping Koversada Vrsar – FKK Camping Istra Vrsar – FKK


Campsites in Porec area:

Camping Zelena Laguna – Mixed Camping Ulika Porec – FKK Camping Solaris Porec – FKK Camping Materada Porec Camping Lanterna
Camping Bijela Uvala Porec Camping Matesa Porec


Campsites in Rovinj area:

Camping Amarin Rovinj Camping Polari Rovinj Camping Porton Biondi Rovinj Camping Valalta Rovinj – FKK Camping Valdaliso Rovinj
Camping Vestar Rovinj Camping Mon Paradiso Camping Savinjska Dolina Camping Spandiga Camping Ulika Rovinj
Camping Colona Bale Camping San Polo Bale


Campsites in Pula area:

Camping Bi-Village Fazana Camping Pineta Fazana Camping Puntizela Stinjan Camping Stoja Pula Camping Brajdice Pula
Camping Hrastovec Pula Camping Karlo Pula Camping Kazun Pula Camping Laguna Pula Camping Luka Krnica Pula
Camping Milan Yachting Camping Mira Pula Camping Postolovic Pula Camping Sandra Pula Camping Vega Pula


Campsites in Medulin area:

Camping Kazela Medulin Camping Medulin in Medulin Camping Pomer Camping Indie Banjole Camping Runke Premantura
Camping Stupice Premantura Camping Tasalera Camping Diana Banjole Camping Fuma Banjole Camping Kazalina Banjole
Camping Marina Banjole Camping Olivia Banjole Camping Peskera Banjole Camping Pineta Banjole Camping Pod Morvom Banjole
Camping Rak Banjole Camping Sidro Banjole Camping Sirola Banjole Camping Kranjski kamp


Campsites in Rabac area:

Camping Oliva Rabac Camping Sveta Marina Labin Camping Tunarica Koromacno


Campsites in Mainland Istria:

Camping Buzet Buzet